Sara Franco was born in Leiria and lives and works in Lisbon. Studied Painting at Faculdade of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon.
As a visual artist, she has regularly and individually exhibited since 2000.
Sara Franco's painting consists of many different stratifications, both at
material or conceptual. Technically we find a continuous overlap of
surfaces: acrylic coats, spray, glue, enamel alternate with bonding layers
with papers, plastics and other materials of the most varied. 

Thematically, the graphic universe appeals to the previous experience of each viewer who has had a relationship direct or indirect with the idea of ​​suburban massification and impotent marginality before contemporary society.

Continuing to explore the recurring themes of his latest exhibitions, such as fiction science and comics, Sara Franco uses this scenario as a catapult for questions existential or philosophical ideas that have always accompanied his work, which to be, on the one hand, an introspection and on the other an emotional explosion.