Born 1997. Lives and works in Kyiv.
Education: Master's degree, Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Restoration Artist, 2018 – 2020;

Bachelor's degree, Lviv National Academy of Arts, Restoration Artist, 2014 – 2018
Numerous national and international solo and group exhibitions, including: "La condition humaine" Kalina art Advisor, Paris, France, 2022;

CONTRAPUNCT, Albertina Modern, Künstlerhaus, Vienna, Austria 2022

Olga's art is greatly influenced by her education in the field of restoration and working with art monuments. As part of her residency in Portugal, Olga created the series "Body in the Temple," in which the artist questions the system of the anthropocentric world and nuclear deterrence. The artist believes that all the international initiatives created to prevent war have shown their inability to do so. That is why she decided to focus on finding an alternative structure with hope. Inspired by the special constructions of Catholic churches, which make us think about the size of man in relation to God, Olga has created works in which she immerses her imperfect characters under the church dome. While god-fearing is a not-often-mentioned Christian virtue, it is precisely to this that the artist turns. She shows the viewer the search for the right place for the ratio of the size of the body to the size of God's will. Olga calls the viewer to internal responsibility and believes this is the only effective form of restraint.