Born in 1993. Lives and works in Kyiv.

Education: National Academy of Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, 2016 Bachelor's, 2018 Master's.


Solo and Group Exhibitions Incl.: Center of Contemporary Art Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 2023; "Living according to Heaven" Šopa Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia, 2022; "Art Palm Springs" Palm Spring California, United States, 2020.


Polina expands the concept and perception of painting, which she positions as an object. She works with an awareness of corporeality through anti-anatomy. Examining corporeality in nature, she reveals it through the shape of a tree while looking at the human figure in the circle of anthropological questions revolving around "dark ecology." War awakens her sense of loss, the value of life, and the fear of death. Each loss is the loss of the whole world. She sees us all in this body together. By remembering this, we give the future a chance.