Xandro Alvarez, the son of a Spanish father and a French mother, was born in Madrid in 1978. He lived in several countries during his childhood, due to his father’s professional itinerancy, moving to Portugal in 2008 to paint full time.

Xandro Alvarez's painting is constantly moving and changing. Despite this, some characteristics remain from the first works, such as great attention to detail and unexpected visits into the universe abstract, where he returns sporadically.

These are the nervous points of his plastic expression, which mark and define the work of Xandro Alvarez.
It is a painting that reveals or insinuates moments of shameless intimacy and assumed weaknesses, in a crude and abandoned way.


Look at Xandro Alvarez's work, has, among many others, the ability to create ties with the observer, while creating some discomfort, due to the autobiographical, raw and direct assumption.