SIERRA | Luís Silveirinha: Painting Exhibition

The question of form or technique is sub-ordinate to the emotional expression in the universe of Luis Silveirinha long standing oeuvre.

This inner world is populated by sentinel beings, be it plantbased or of more esoteric origin.

Just as these shapes coexists in the window between reality and dream, there is also a place where they conflux in reality. At the foot of the mountain.

Here the succulents and the winds merge, the arid mountainside meets the marshland. The aspect of the land allows for fast changes in the landscape by the sun and rain, day and night.

Higher up the air is thinner and clearer and the situs from where Luis Silvierinha consistently observes the emergence of new life forms.

The mixed techniques and formats reflects a life long search to interpret this phenomenon – and just like the mountain, Luis Silveirinha s oblivious to how it is being viewed by the world.

In this inner sanctum, he is the mountain.