VIVEIRO | Júlia Barata: Illustration Exhibition

Júlia Barata | VIVEIRO

Illustration Exhibition

[...] This idea of ​​VIVEIRO (Nursery), a kind of cocoon where an enclosed pandemic life would take place and far from extended social contacts, puts in to contrast only the apparent images of the paintings and the ideas that pass from them with the idea of ​​rhizome, this multi-centered place-entity-object, because if on the one hand the images kind of translate precisely that idea of ​​closure in and of the symbiotic relationship between mother and child, almost constituting a single living unit in its extension, a kind of holobiont (if they were different species), on the other hand there exists in her work very harsh criticism of the unidimensional and linear idea of ​​woman and mother, one that says that her unique focal point may only be the family, that is, an idea that is the opposite of the multi-centered rhizome. Furthermore - and because for me the holobiont is infinitely more interesting than the rhizome, at least for now, because the holobiont carries the whole idea of ​​an ecosystem of relationships that are triggered for the creation of life, the idea of ​​sympoiesis, the making with, which came to me courtesy of Donna Haraway ft. Lynn Margulis, the queen of mud and organisms, who concludes the “natural” theories of competition with one, We are all consortia, nobody is alone. [...]