Born 1992. Lives and works in Kyiv.

Education: National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv, Master’s Degree, 2011 – 2018; Member of the Faculty of Artists Kyiv Academy of Media Arts, 2020 – 2021.


Solo and Group Exhibitions, Incl.:

Navas gallery, Vienna, Austria,2022; La Biennale di Venezia, 2022; “Don’t close your eyes,” Boston, USA, Co-curator, 2022.

Halyna works with painting, graphics, video, and performance art.

As full-scale war escalates in Ukraine, she explores the re­flection of war on the form of things and the world around her.

In her “Protected” series, she documents the protection of cultural monuments of Ukraine and represents them in new artistic images. The material in which the sculptures are wrapped seems to regenerate them, making them look like new art objects.

There is a transformation into new forms in which the image of war appears.